Brave start to multiple set tabs


Would love the ability to have Brave open to multiple set tabs. Currently I can only have it open to a single tab and the options are; “Windows / Tabs from last time”, “Home page”, or “a new tab”.

It would be awesome to have the ability to have Brave start with several tabs that I can chose in preferences.
For example, I might want to have it open with four tabs. Two for my main email addresses, one for my blog, and one for

While Brave is undoubtedly fast and convenient, I think this feature would make it much more so.
It saves the time of opening new tabs and navigating to URLs that I want open every time I open the browser.



Hi @jonmeister

Have you checked out this thread? There are two options which may or may not suit your needs:



Has there been a response to having multiple web pages open on start-up?


Could this solution work for you @rlpugh?