Brave Sponsorship 30 days


Can someone can tell me why I’m always at 0 / 30 days ?
I sponsor a friend and my self ( on mobile ) and I’m know we both use brave every day.
Any idea ? :slight_smile:

Brave Version : 1.3.115.
Sorry for my english.

Thanks for writing in. Do you have any other referral codes?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you are asking me… :confused: Even if I try to use google translate xD

IMA857 is your referral code, @eohh – like in the screenshot. Steven is asking if you have another referral code. If you have multiple channel/site verified in your account, each channel will have it’s own referral code.

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Oh no, I only get one channel, so just IMA857

Nobody get an idea ? :confused:

Can someone help me plz ?
Again 0 days used…

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