Brave Speed Test


Hello, I like the concept of brave and I’ve been trying to use it for a while now. I finally realized why i can’t seem to stay on the browser. Its too slow. As advertised it says its quicker than chrome. I did some speed tests its actually significantly slower. I just want to bring some light to this, i hope its fixed as this is important for new people coming over. Everyone ive told about it so far doesnt like the browser. I know why because its too slow.
Windows 10 test

Linux test


Hi Adolf, thanks for the feedback.

If you are leaving Brave for now, I strongly suggest coming back for Brave v1.0. Brave v1.0 will use a full Chromium front-end, and so everything should—at the baseline—be at par with or better than Chrome. Brave v1.0 is a rewrite of the Brave browser on desktop. You can find out why we’re choosing to rewrite the browser below. v1.0 is targeted for this US autumn season.

As advertised it says its quicker than chrome. I did some speed tests its actually significantly slower.

It is important to understand where, in specific, Brave is advertised to be faster than Chrome. The speed advantages we advertise deal with page load speeds rather than startup time. In your videos, you are testing startup time, but not necessarily page load speeds. With that in mind, you can see our page load speed tests here for desktop (video included):

It is known that some users experience longer startup times with Brave, though this does not happen for everyone. On my computer, for instance, Brave opens quite fast.

However, again, I do think that this will all be resolved with the v1.0 rewrite of the browser, as it will no longer employ an HTML/CSS/JavaScript front-end. And furthermore, it will be more familiar to users switching from Chrome since all their extensions will be compatible with v1.0 as well.

While you wait for v1.0 on desktop, I strongly recommend Brave on iOS or Android (on your mobile device)!



Maybe also worth to mention that starting up a browser is something that a lot users do every couple of weeks, also on windows. For me, new tab, or render time after hitting an url are more relvevant, and there Brave is often quicker. (Especially with shields on)