Brave specific ublock origin w/ payments?

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Talk to the guy that make ublock origin, see if he can make a Brave version that can allow your payment option. Otherwise, despite the pretty UI, I will end up using a browser with more freedom.

Brave wants to create a new type of browsing experience where we dont need to bother with a ublock origin.
Thats a great cause, but the reality is advertisers and scammers have abused the system to the extent that we are all allergic to ads. Make the transition smooth, Call the guy up. Offer him incentives.

That seems like an unlikely option.

Most aspects to the payment option in Payments is quite good as it is, I don’t understand why you’d want it implemented in separate app.

It may be best to note that they’re still sort of in a beta state.

uBo to include a payments feature which would make it unconventional heavy which currently is its unique selling point making it practically the lightest in most stores (rather strangely even more efficient when Fanboys is selected as well), not to mention that its primary purpose is to uniquely block everything safely without breaking anything with user functionality.

As for raymond or gorhill being an additional member, they do a pretty good job already in the platforms they offer their app in and I think luke/lucas, the person working currently on the ad&track side of things in Brave fulfills the role you prescribe for the time being at least, also, several if not the majority of the team could practically develop an identical version to uBo if they were compelled and actually have done something similar already available for FF and Chrome.

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