Brave somehow won't allow a Belkin device to configure

Belkin F9K1106v1 Range extender. When trying to configure this device, I opened Brave and closed all tabs but one, typed in http://belkin.range, it opened on the config page, than began following the configuration instructions. And the extender accepted the config…but for some reason simply would not connect. Tried it several times…it would never connect.

Finally decided to try using Firefox instead. Nothing in the hardware setup or position or anything else was changed, just the browser. And it WORKED right off the bat.

There are NO popups from the belkin during config, both browsers had their shields up.

Brave, by default, will block 3rd party Device Recognition attempts when requested. To resolve this, on https://belkin.range, open your Shields panel and set the Device Recognition option to disabled.

OK, I will. That is if I remember. I do think that I’ll be able to remember that it’s possible. That should lead me to the solution. As you can imagine, this won’t happen very often.


Hello Everyone,

i am New to the community & i had the same Problems With my belkin extender & that is how i ended up here on this Post So Long Story Short this is How i fixed my Belkin Range Extender After 2 days of struggle. i have spoken to belkin support team & this what they have recommended me to do -

  1. First Login to Main Main Wireless Router & Procure the Correct Password for your main wireless Router & write it down somewhere for later Use (Its a Case Sensitive Password)

  2. Now Use Your Smart Phone Or Laptop to Setup Your Belkin Extender (if your Extender is New it may have Came with a Configuration card. Login the Belkin Range Extender & Setup it

Now if you Still have issues that i suggest a Hard Reset on belkin range extender-

  1. Look at back of your belkin range extender & Look for the Reset Key or Hole.
  2. use a Paper Clip Or Pen to press that reset key & hold it for 5-10 seconds while you see all lights flashing than let the Reset key Go.
  3. restart the Belkin range extender & Begin the Process Again.
    While searching Online i did find a source of the Good information on Whole Belkin extender Thing. Give it a Try On Complete Guide for Belkin Extender setup & Troubleshooting

i just hope all of this Could Help you Get your Belkin Extender Working the way you want.
Cheers & thanks to Bravo for Providing me Platform to share my story.

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