Brave snaps on

On a few seconds after a search it Snaps. Using the latest brave on the play store. Oxigen os 10.3.11 running on OnePlus.

This only happens on

Hey Suspicious,

Just to confirm, can you show me a screenshot of Brave being in the latest version? After that, can you elaborate on your issue a bit more?

Hi. Can’t find a way to display the running version. So I’m attaching a play store screenshot as well as the error while on

That’s all I wanted to see, thank you. Now, I’ve got some things to ask.

  1. Are you running a VPN?
  2. Is this happening on Google Chrome on that same device, and if it doesn’t when you open it normally, does it happen when there are 41 other tabs open?
  3. I assume your Brave Shield settings are still set to the default for the Google search engine?

Hi. No vpn. Using TMobile home internet. It doesn’t happen on chrome. It only happens on brave a few seconds after being on after a search is fully loaded. Just removed avg just in case it was causing it. Could the new Google tracking be causing it?

Sorry for my late reply, I have one more thing to ask. Does this happen on other search engines like DuckDuckGo or Bing?

Google com before or after a search is performed. No problem on the other search engines. Some app trying to intercept ?

I’m not sure; This is a pretty strangely specific issue. Perhaps try downloading Brave Beta or Nightly and seeing if the issue still persists.

Seems to be working fine on the beta version . Ty

If you would still like to use the normal release, I would suggest to clear your cache and browsing data, just in case.

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