Brave slowed down for the past couple weeks

Try this on Edge first.

  1. Open
  2. enter on Search “usb-c”, notice the speed it loads the list of usb-c related items

Now try it on Brave and notice the much slower speed.
I turned off all Brave extensions before doing this test.

I dunno, they seem fairly close to me.

If you open DevTools and go to Network, and reload the page, you should get a stat at the bottom that tells you how long the load time was. If you try the exact same thing in both browsers, see how that value compares?

Also wondering if you are using Secure DNS in Brave?

Even slower turning off accelerator.

Yes. Was using DNS. Turning it off is just as slow. It’s not the page loading that’s slow. It’s the slow popping up of the list of items while typing on the search box. Further test reveled that the pop up list box hesitated for about 1 second when first clicked then displayed my previous searches. So I think the javascript has a long delay getting the list of the most recent items to display. Strangely though that Edge displayed the same list (both remembered my login ID so the list is the same) without any delays.

As my original post indicated, I turned off all extensions already. I have 12g of RAM and only one Brave app opened.

Can you please tell me what OS you’re using as well as what Brave version? On my end, on both macOS and Windows 10 systems, when searching “usb-c” on eBay the results/entire page appears almost instantly without any issue. It is the same, if not faster, than in other browsers (Tested vs Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge).

I’m aware that you said you’ve already disabled extensions, but I would try this in a new, temp. browser profile and see if you get faster results or if they are the same. This will help us narrow down whether or not the issue is isolated to the profile you’re using.

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Version 1.31.88 Chromium: 95.0.4638.69 (Official Build) (64-bit)

On Windows 10 Pro

How do I get a “new, temp browser profile”?, uninstall Brave and Reinstall a new one? I’d like to keep all the passwords, bookmarks, etc

I checked the same on my laptop and it’s working fine there. Something is wrong on my desktop. How can I preserve all bookmarks and passwords when I remove it and reinstall it?

Use the link he posted, it has the instructions.

It won’t blow away your existing profile, it will just create a new one using the same installed instance of Brave. You can always delete the temporary one afterwards if you want.

opps…sorry didn’t scroll to the top of the link so instead of creating a new profile, I synced my settings and passwords to my laptop and then uninstalled and reinstalled on my desktop. Afterward everything is normal again.


The problem is back again. This time I created a new profile and the problem goes away on this new profile. So what’s the next step to debug this on the old profile?

Very strange behavior. I think this may still have something to do with extensions installed, whether they are disabled or not.

Before we dive too deep there, can you try just clearing your cache/site data for eBay and see if the issue persists? Visit eBay, click the “lock” icon in the address bar then Site settings --> Clear data. Make sure you refresh the page, then test again.

Tried clearing Site data but problem persists. I even removed all extensions but didn’t help. But even stranger, my other profile works normally. Only this first profile is having this issue. It seems with this profile (profile 1), when I first arrive at, there is something running behind the scene such that the cpu fan span faster for a brief moment. It is during this brief moment that the search box only buffered my keystrokes instead of displaying them. But if I wait for a few seconds then type on the search box then everything is normal. So now I have 2 profiles, one has no extension but have all my old bookmarks and passwords but has problems, another profile has 2 extensions but no old bookmarks or old saved passwords but has no problems. All other browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera) have no problems whatsoever.

Very strange indeed. You might try clearing your cache/site data browser wide (on your main profile, “Profile 1” and see if this clears up the issue?

I am on Brave Version 1.33.106 on macOS 11.6.2. A handful of the sites I regularly visit are extremely slow to load especially I can wait 10 seconds in Brave then open Safari log on to this site and view it then return to Brave and the page still has not loaded. No hardware acceleration, no extension. Most other sites load quickly.
In general I find Safari always works when Brave doesn’t but there are aspects of Safari that I dislike (e.g., can’t clear selected cookies on exit).

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