Brave skips next tab when closing a tab



  1. Ensure that the “Select the next tab” option is selected in the “When closing an active tab” drop-down on the “Tabs” page in Settings.

  2. Open three or more tabs.

  3. Close the first tab page.

Brave will skip over the “next” tab and the tab subsequent to that, will become selected tab page.
e.g. Closing tab 1 selects tab 3, rather than tab 2.

Tab 2 to be selected after closing tab 1

Tab array index invalid after delete.

Frequency: Every time

Windows 10 Pro x64


Hi, I’m sorry for late response and thanks for reporting @nishanh

Likely it’s a known issue and will be fixed in 0.21.x release. You can use the shortcut (Ctrl+W) as workaround until the fix is there. And let me close this issue in favor of Close current tab -> go to next tab setting: skips a tab and please continue the discussion there.


closed #3