Brave shows one site inapproprately

Brave shows the site inaproppriately, not so right as IE or Ghrome or OPera…

@nlw It’s same in chrome and brave and other browsers. I could see the only difference is ads and trackers are blocked in brave that’s why you are not seeing the ads banner as soon as the website loads.

Defaults shield settings ( ads and trackers blocked):

Change shield settings:


I don’t know how that is happening, but I can see a proper picture during less, than 1 sec, and then I see only this - see attached screenshot.
As you can see in top part a defense is deactivated. (black brave icon).

I despite of it I take Brave as a best among all brawsers.

@nlw looks like the page is not loaded completely for you. Can you provide the brave version details, so that i can try it out on the same brave version.


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