Brave should get integreated VPN just like epic browser and Opera


Brave should get integreated VPN just like epic browser and Opera, especially since Brave is a browser that is privacy focused.


Brave has built-in Tor, which is like an ultra-VPN that’s decentralized. Learn how to use private tabs with Tor, here:


Its slow like anthing using Tor, I want to use a VPN instead that is not so slow, is it possible?


@joe232 You will need to wait till version 1.0 is released with many, many more extensions.

From what was mentioned in the past it is going to be a brave store where you can grab extensions


Would a VPN be built into the browser, since honestly I can’t trust most VPN providers?


Unsure why you would ever use a VPN. Especially when you can run TOR and a socks5 proxy. Add SSH to the mix. Even going further to enable DNS-over TLS.

No need to pay someone to do all that for free. Oh ya and not to mention how companies claim they delete the log files. We all know what happened to DPR and how he thought he was being safe.


As mentioned earlier TOR is incrediblly slow compared to a normal VPN. Please do correct me if I am wrong.

That is exactly what Brave should have their own VPN service built into the browser.


@joe232 Depending what you are using TOR for, yes it can be slow if you are using it to download torrents etc. But for youtube and other web browsing it is fine. Have had no issues with it, back 6 years ago… it was sloooooow

EDIT: As for the second part. That would mean Brave would be responsible for all the log files. Just because it is built in does not mean it’s 100% private, it would make the same set of protocol calls.


I don’t! Please expand or post a link.


That’s great to hear.


Oh I see, thanks for letting me know

Then open source the entire VPN service including the servers.


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