Brave should adopt handy Firefox feature to save Logins for Autofill

I’m really frustrated with the limited management for Auto-Fill logins using Brave.
Firefox offers this –

I have situations where an application opens a Login but the “Would you like to SAVE this…” check box never appears despite my setting Brave for this option.

In Firefox this website url is saved along with its password and it offers the user the ability to SAVE a New Autofill Account.

No matter how many times I have opened this application in Brave the password is never saved as an Autofill site. I must constantly copy & paste the paswword from a logins document I keep to get access to the application itself.

In Firefox this username & password were saved the very first time.

If Brave offered the same ADD Autologin Account it would fix this annoying problem.

This is NOT the same as importing data from another browser.

To me this is essential over time when I visit so many sites, forums & install software.