🏆 Brave Shields UI could Generate more details to report regarding the safety of ads which a website uses like whether if its safe to disable shields to support the site or not

For Example, i visited a new site and founded it really helpful and decided i would be visiting daily and the site has been becoming super useful

Now, I feel like i want to support the site as i dont want to be only a taker all the time ? so i also wanted to give something back ?

Now, I Look at the number of items shields blocked and it says 13…

Now, Make it easy for me to know what kind of ads the site seems to be using… i mean i wanted shields to generate safety report

Like is the site ads are generally safe ? contains adware/malware/forceful redirects ? i also wanted to activate something like Low-key mode where setting this mode is similar to disabling shields/adblock and letting website show the ads but instead of shields sleeping while its disabled, i wanted it to work in the background and protect me if automatic redirects starts happening on that site and also monitor to all the sites which site ad takes me and if something unusual happens, i wanted shields to stop it…

Here is an illustration

Ad Reputation : GOOD, Bad, Toxic
Good : It’s safe to disable shields for this website to support the site.
Bad : Use Caution before disabling shields as the site is more likely containing scam based ads.
Toxic : It’s not recommended to disable shields as the site ads contains links to malware and adware.

This can also be done/introduced without changing Shields UI in a major way

Change Shields icon to Green to indicate that the website’s reputation and the ads which it uses is safe
Change shields icon to Orange/Yellow to indicate caution
Change Shields icon to Red to indicate the site is dangerous

While hovered to the icon, you can show a tiny description like what i said in the above reply similar to the 13 in the above image

Additionally, you can also integrate shields icon in the search results of all engines, this will improve the protection further…

Like this, See Red Squares

Almost wherever a direct link or hyperlink is found in a webpage, you can add two options for the end user ->>> Show Shields Safety icon always at the end of every link… or only while they are being hovered.

Shields is a blocker (ads/trackers/fingerprinting etc). Rating sites not something shields is built to do.

Brave says Shields is designed to work hard on user’s privacy and adding protections for the end user

While website rating is an independent feature Isolated from Brave Shields, To help this feature’s perspective of website rating for functioning, Shields filers lists is very important for cross referencing(by Quick scanning) all of the links which are included in any given specific page/website and provide a rating report instantly based on the types of ad links which it uses where it can be genuinely Good, Bad or Toxic.

So While Shields filter Lists is a major player for this feature, it’s wise to have that integrated within the shields rather than having to deal with it being added separately…

And Let’s come to your Logic, Rating Sites not something shields is built to do → If we have to follow this logic->> Well, then Brave talk, Wallet, VPN, News Feed, Rewards and all of the added additions in brave isn’t what most of the browsers were built to do, as many users just want the stock version without bloat, So why are they being added Continuously ?

The answer for this above question is also the reason for this request and why the rating should be integrated with Brave Shields.

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