Brave Shields no longer works on macOS Big Sur

Hi !

Yesterday I installed macOS Big Sur (11.0). It’s still in beta but the system is very stable and all my apps are working. Except that Brave Shields doesn’t seem to work anymore since I’m no longer on macOS Catalina. Is this due because Brave is not yet handling Big Sur? Look at my results on (see screenshot) which shows that I no longer seem to protect with Big Sur.

Thank you for your answers. :slight_smile:

Am also on BigSur, Brave inside VM and Shield working as a breeze

And what is your result on I don’t understand why I would be the only one… :confused:

@CrazyDJo give me a minute please :slight_smile:

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@macfanol Yes :slight_smile:

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@macfanol So I do not understand why, at home the results tell me that I am no longer really protected and that since the installation of the beta :confused:

maybe problem lies here? Try using Stable release

Yes but why my beta would not be compatible with Brave when for you it is? What can make the difference between us? The hardware configuration? Brave’s version?

@CrazyDJo hardware conf maybe an issue, you’re correct :slight_smile: what Mac do you have: MBA/MBP/iMac?

Also, try customizing macOS settings for privacy (System Preferences > Security & Privacy)

There are a couple reasons for this:

  1. Brave does protections in a different way than any other browser by default (relevant here, we randomize fingerprinting and block all storage in 3rd parties)
  2. The EFF test targets how most other browsers try to do privacy, which doesn’t apply well to the different and strictly stronger protections Brave uses.
  3. We’re in discussion with EFF about a way of updating / revising / changing the panaptoclick system to measure and account for Brave’s unique protections.
    We expect that the upcoming panoptoclick change, that will account for Brave’s unique approach, will report Brave as performing stronger than any other main-stream browser.

@macfanol I have a 16 inch Macbook Pro :slight_smile:

@CrazyDJo nice Mac :slight_smile:
@Mattches what do you mean by


@Mattches So the problem here is not macOS Big Sur but the site? Yet @macfanol shows positive results unlike me …

@CrazyDJo What do you mean by site being a problem here? Im asking because Im almost sure that this is not a real problem here.
What Im almost sure is that you have a problem within your privacy settings somewhere…

Yes, it’s a really great Mac :slight_smile:

@macfanol However, my privacy settings did not change from Catalina to Big Sur and the result of the site on Catalina was good.

@CrazyDJo thought same way; system proved me wrong…
when you update from Catalina to BigSur, settings are defaulted (at least this was my case)

@macfanol And what have you changed?

@CrazyDJo nothing. Im still on default privacy settings. But, I have AdGuard installed system-wide so that may be a difference.

Will try to disable ADG, rerun the site and I will take it from there.

OK so the results are here (ADG is off) ::
First Safari

And now Brave