Brave Shields Information not on Screen

Windows 10 64 Bit Fully Updated

I am a totally new user of Brave so this may be a user issue.

Various videos & articles show the Brave Shielded Items being shown on the page at all times but this has never happened on my install.

Is this something that can be turned on & off?

Do I have a problem with my installation?

I had to try about 20 times to install Brave because every time the stub ran but then Download Failed. This happened over several days. It would try to redownload a few times & then stop so I’d try again later. I really hate installs that use stubs because they cause so many issues & are a security problem. I prefer to download & let the anti-malware look at the file.

I am on a slower net connection so that also has issues with stubs at times - they don’t allow sufficient time for the download to complete. Stubs often don’t give you any feedback as to what is happening or why there has been a problem while you get information that a complete download is occurring or how far through it has gone.

Is there a User Guide video?


Can you share a screenshot of the issue? What happens when you click Brave icon at URL bar?

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