Brave Shields infiltrating other apps

I installed Brave browser to use as… well, a browser. No problem there. But I’ve noticed the Brave icon appearing in some of my other apps, such as the BBC News app and some other browsers. Clicking the logo tells me that Brave has blocked various things. This is unexpected - as I am not using the Brave browser at the time - and seems to be undocumented. There is no obvious setting related to this.

No special steps to reproduce. Just use the internet connection for a while, and this happens.

Brave v1.17.74
Google Pixel 2, Android 8.1.0

I’ve specifically prevented Brave browser from starting up with the phone (Autostarts).

Can you share a screenshot of the issue? Did other app is installed from Play Store? Or from Brave – PWA (Menu > Install)?

These shots taken from web pages loaded within the Twitter app. Brave app was not initiated during the Android session.

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