Brave Shields block legitimate part of pro-freedom anti-censorship website

Brave Shields block legitimate part of website, which is not part of an ad.

The same part of the site is blocked on four websites. The websites are as follows:

  3. http://arcana-x.crypto/
  4. also in the Tor version

The section of the page note loading on the four pages is linked here:

The part of the site being blocked does not run any script.

Turning the Brave Shields off allows the blocked content to load.

The site works correctly when using the following browsers: Firefox, Dessenter, Unstoppable Browser, Tor Browser.

The Brave Browser Version is: Version 1.22.70 Chromium: 89.0.4389.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hi, I tested these sites, no issues I saw. What items are showing as blocked in shields @ArcanaX ?

No issues here.

PS: add to your list
and you could add this page too:

@fanboynz The graphical channel card called “TorGuardVPN” under the “Freedom Alliance (FA) VPN / Proxy” category. It wasn’t loading on both desktop and mobile devices, now it appears that it is only Windows desktop computers when the Brave Shields are up. It loads when they are down though.

@gmacar Signal has been on our internal list to evaluate, but at this point we have not added it to the site amidst rumors that Signal is no longer secure, having signed off on agreements with the NSA/DOD to access Signal’s servers. This has not yet been confirmed, but if you do a search for “is signal compromised” in a search engine you get some information on current concerns.

Just added your recommendation to our to-do list for

Thank you for the information! :blush:

Ah yes I see it. It’s not directly targeting the site. There a many sites using Torguard affiliate banner ads, which is why it’s blocked.

Removing the aff.php from the Torguard link should fix it.

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