Brave shield UI bug


Strange, prior to v0.56.12, the shield was displaying in the light theme colours.


Really? Interesting.
What OS are you using?


I’m using Arch Linux


Shield UI in version 0.55.22 with light theme selected.


Shield UI in version 0.56.12 and 0.56.14 with light theme selected.


Oh I see.
v0.55.22 still uses the old Shields design. New design will always (for now) look the way it does it the image that @sriram last posted above :point_up:

Update to latest release (v0.56.14) and you should see the new design.


@rullger yeah that’s intentional.
Well, the color is. There should probably be text there though right? :stuck_out_tongue:
Still working on the text issue.


Hey guys, thank you so much for everyone working on this!

I’ll post my own findings here, as an update.



uname -r

All packages up to date (pip & aur).

Date: November 22, 2018 (Happy Thankgiving!)







Tabs Below Address Bar

I don’t understand why this problem is happening. The Rewards popup is good and the Shield popup next door has a problem!


@hello, great info, appreciate the effort.
Adding your post to the thread.
Again, (all) your patience and understanding is valued. We’ll all throw a party when this gets resolved :slight_smile:


This is awesome info. I’ll try to setup the same on my VM and check. The translation text missing should be fixed soon. There’s a separate issue logged for it.

@hello Could you check what the span values are. Right click on the blank entry in shields and click inspect. Then select the span value and scroll down to check what values is set for .bbajLP


@sriram Thank you so much, I really appreciate your working on this.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else:


@sriram not sure if the previous one was what you were looking for, here are 2 more:


Actually thats not the one I am looking for. You can do one thing, open up shields, right click on the empty text and then select inspect. When you hover over the element it should highlight it. Something like this

I think you have selected the header where the site info is provided. It should actually be


Sorry @sriram hope this one is better:


Yup that one is correct. could you expand the style sheet details at the bottom and take a screenshot of it. You can maximize the dev tools and expand it so that all elements are visible




Thanks @hello. I would need some time to dig into this and find the root cause. Thanks for the patience and all the help.


I have same issue too… with 0.60.3


We are trying to work this out to find the root cause. Thanks for the patience. This one’s been more challenging than other issues