Brave shield UI bug


@Mattches I don’t have the icon either.


Sorry @Mattches , with the new update to 55.14 I get the icon.

But the css classes are showing.

Such as “RewardSummary”

There was a screen before it that had many more classes, but I clicked what I think was the “I accept” button without taking a screenshot. So now I only have a screenshot of the screen that comes after:


Unfortunately, the brave shield is not working yet with this update.


Still working on it. And the Brave Rewards extension looking wonky like that is known. Should be fixed shortly!


The translation strings are fixed in the next build.


Same here. Issue is still there.


@sriram @Mattches just installed Version 0.57.6.

Still having both translation string issue, and brave shield UI issue:



@hello could you confirm what Kernel version is running on Manjaro? It could be due to dependencies not supported on an older version of Kernel.



$ uname -r


Thats weird, Ubuntu works just fine


Could you try upgrading the python dependencies and check if it fixes it?


@sriram thank you, will do that right now and report back.


Ok so using pip and upgrading all python packages that way didn’t fix it.

pip list --outdated --format=freeze | grep -v '^\-e' | cut -d = -f 1  | xargs -n1 pip install -U

Now trying updating the python AUR packages.

trizen -Syua --noconfirm


@sriram sorry it didn’t fix it, every python package is now up to date.


@hello @prinzvonlicht @EndergerLinux @drose2211 Could you guys try installing these dependencies and check if it fixes the issue?

$ sudo pacman -S --needed python perl gcc gcc-libs bison flex gperf pkgconfig \
nss alsa-lib glib2 gtk3 nspr ttf-ms-fonts freetype2 cairo dbus libgnome-keyring

Am pretty sure some dependency is missing which is causing the issue.

New Brave has no Session Tabs, comming later or removed?
Shield doesn't display fonts (Brave 0.56.12)
Shield doesn't display fonts (Brave 0.56.12)

Can confirm that all these packages are up to date and installed while issue still persists


Thank you to everyone reporting on this. I’ve bookmarked this thread to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, still working on this one.
Appreciate your patience.

EDIT: I’ve closed a related topic (see below) and requested users post in this one. Leaving the previous topic link here to have everything in one place


I’ve noticed since 0.56.12 that the UI which still appears with no text now uses the dark theme colours but the browser is set to use the light theme.


Have the same problem, with the shield.
But another problem, I can’t install all of the dependencies on my OS, Solus.

I have not following packed: gcc-libs (but gcc), nss ( but I have libnss, libnss-32bit, nss-mds and nss-mdns-32bit), gtk3 ( but have perl-gtk3), nspr (but libnspr), ttf-ms-fonts, cairo (but libcairo, cairomm.
The packed that are called libxx are properly the same as the corresponding packed for Arch without lib (I have installed every packed that are listed in the brackets), but the big problem is probably the font.

I tried to get the font from arch, but it gets it from an .exe file so dunno how to get it.

I’m running brave via the executable file from the binary zip file.

Edit: Running Brave 0.56.12


Shields have the darker “theme” by default. As of right now it won’t change with the theme (I believe we have an issue to add this feature, will try to find it).

@JonnyJaap, it’s unlikely that this is true but can you update to 0.55.14 (released today) and see if this resolves the issue (or changes anything)?