Brave Shield should also work as a filter

Brave Shield should have the option to filter key words and phrases from webpages. Social media sites have horrible content filtration implementations. The ability to block posts containing certain words and content will be a welcome addition.

Agree, enhancing Brave Shield with keyword and phrase filtering would greatly improve content control on webpages, especially considering the shortcomings of current social media content filtration

We support :has() in css, there is other css elements we should support which allow more options to filter via text

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Elaborate please. I don’t understand your terminology.

@Sleep1 he’s saying the capability is there, but you would need to learn how to create adblock script to do it.

In other words, if you go to brave://adblock you’ll see a part that says Create custom filters. It explains the adblock syntax and you get linked to things like which tries to explain how to do things. Though it’s not “easy” to understand.

Overall though, I don’t think you’ll ever see Brave trend more in the direction you’re speaking of. Keep in mind that Shields is about blocking ads and trackers. It doesn’t exist to censor the internet and have you omit certain words from websites. Sometimes tools are there where you can make modifications yourself, but they aren’t going to go out of their way to build it out for you