Brave sheild breaks sites even when all the settings are turned off

i turned off all the brave sheild settings but the browser is still breaking websites. how do i turn this thing off completly??

i have to manually turn off brave sheild for every single website?? i just want a browser that doesnt break websites

Which sites exactly? Do you have any custom/added filters in brave://adblock?

i cant tell you exactly what sites break becsuse theres like 1000000000 websites . i feel like there shouod be a global setting to turn off the sheild

@dembotnot Do a favor and provide a bit of info here.

  1. When you say sites are breaking, can you be more specific? How are sites breaking for you? If it’s a clearly visible thing you can take a screenshot of, such as lines across the page or just not loading, would you please share a screenshot?

  2. What version of Brave and iOS are you using? Knowing both would be incredibly useful.

  3. If you go to SettingsBrave Shields & Privacy can you share a screenshot of your settings there?

There is, which is in #3 I guided you to. If you’re doing it just from the lion icon, that’s only going to be on that site.

Then generally you’d pick one that already breaks and you’d advise that it and many others are the same. The purpose of sharing a specific link is it allows people to test it themselves to see if the issue replicates or if it might just be something on your end.

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