Brave Settings bug

On android, I observed a bug in Brave when opening Brave Settings, first for a while there is different menu and then opens settings. I recorded screen and edited with 0.25x speed. Please check. It gives other options like Firewall+VPN, Brave services, etc.

Pause and see video(at 14 seconds)after opening settings. It can be clearly observed.

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Using a Mac > QuickTime Player, I managed to capture some (but not all of the proceeding) frame-instances, as successive screenshots, of your “Brave_bug.mp4” production. In order to assist with demonstrating, what you have found.

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 10.01.38 PM

The following window, was in development, when I captured the image:

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 10.03.48 PM

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 10.05.01 PM

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