Brave settings broken after recent update


I just received an alert from Brave that an update was published. With a new update I was hoping my issue with overdue payment would be fixed but when I opened the preferences tab I found that everything was placeholders. It looks like localization didn’t happen somewhere as One pass has a description of “1passdesc” and all the settings are just variable names in camel case, that I assume get replaced depending on locale.

Hopefully this isn’t a major issue that the latest update caused and let me know if I can do anything to help.

There is no space for words in settings page

Hi @Chugwig

An update which fixes this is on the way :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting!



Happy to hear the team is fixing these issues as they come up! Keep up the great work!


@Chugwig I do have a question for you. You said that you got the notification that an update was available, did you use the environmental variable for preview builds?



I’ve tried not to start Brave from the command line or do anything an average user wouldn’t do (unless I need to which I haven’t had to), so no environmental variable for me. Here’s my current version data though @LaurenWags :

Brave: 0.21.21
rev: 56a3d76b405a489d91e4be692eaf65fcd5405d47
Muon: 4.9.3
OS Release: 10.0.16299
Update Channel: Release
OS Architecture: x64
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
Node.js: 7.9.0
Brave Sync: v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent: 65.0.3325.162


Thanks @Chugwig! Much appreciated.

I wonder if you recall, had you updated to 0.21.19 last week? We think you got the notification for 0.21.21 because you had updated to 0.21.19 before we stopped the rollout of that release.



@LaurenWags It’s also happened to me and maybe some other users. Using the latest release (0.21.18) and get notification update to 0.21.19, then 0.21.20 and 0.21.21.


Yep, that sounds like what we thought had happened. We stopped the update to 0.21.19 but some users did get it before we stopped it.


I wouldn’t remember unfortunately however I do know I had 0.21.20 as I posted my version history on another post with that version. Never posted while I did (or did not) have .19 though.

[EDIT] @LaurenWags And so updating to 0.21.19 allowed us to receive the next 2 updates as well without them being released for the public?


@Chugwig yes - once the update to 0.21.19 was stopped, it was no longer an official release and effectively became a “preview” build so you got the next preview builds (0.21.20 and 0.21.21).


Will users able to get back to stable release on next major release?


Yep @eljuno! You could probably even go back to 0.21.18 now if you want (I’d just back up your profile first, just in case). We’re aiming for next stable soon and hopefully will have a build with the fixes to settings even sooner than that.


Thanks for confirming @LaurenWags! Just want to make sure, so user will not get stuck at preview release.

Yep, I also know I can downgrade to 0.21.18 (did that sometimes in the past), but many users may will not. Or maybe not know they using preview release. :wink:


What’s the proper procedure to downgrade? Do you just uninstall and reinstall after a thorough backup or is there an easier way?


I’m not sure if this safe. But on my Win laptop usually I do:

  • Rename brave folder on %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming to brave-1 or else. This one is Brave profile that I want to keep (it contain browser data, bookmarks, history, etc).
  • Rename or delete brave folder on %userprofile%\AppData\Local. This one is the application folder.
  • Download latest version from then run the installer.
  • Once the installation finish, I delete new brave folder on %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming and rename brave-1 from steps 1 to brave. So I can use my old profile without losing it.

In short alternatively, I do step 1 >> uninstall >> reinstall >> step 4.

But it seems 0.21.24 is the latest release so I’m not downgrading it for now. :slight_smile:


WoW!! I bam lucky. But this looks like a Windows thing because I am using Version 0.21.24 Brave is Not my default browser either though As a matter of fact I feel like a real outsider because I have no idea of the significance of V8, rev, Muon, update channelNode.js Brave Sync (obviously something to do with syncing Brave on one device with another) and libchromiumconten must be something to do with chrome.

so I am running macOS 10.13.3
and Brave on my Macs is @ Version 0.21.24
And I have no problems to report.
And for the record I am a boomer who got his first pc Windows in 2006 . got talked into leaving windows by a Canadian military computer expert around 2008, spend a short Fun time using Linux from a live disc on the same Windows pc and got my first Apple device (2009 Macbook6,1 in 2009

All I can say is Get OFF of Windows and get a Mac. (or learn to get used to Linux.

Otherwise please everyone get better with your PCs, sincerely


My feeling is that, as a developer, your only two choices are windows and unix. OS choice never matters in the end though and Brave should support all major ones, windows included.

Happy to hear you’re enjoying brave and I assure you, you’re not an outsider. You already seem to know more than an average user would, and beinf Involved in the forum will help you feel at home quickly!


I tried to delete the Brave data in roaming but it was impossible. Not as the user. not as the admin.

Is there some way to delete this data?


Why are you attempting to delete roaming data for Brave? If your installation is similar to mine that would be where Brave is actually installed.

If you’re trying to clear the cache all you need to do is reset your history. If you’re trying to do something else, let me know and I’ll try and help.


Because Brave will not launch anymore. One suggestion was to delete all the remaining Brave data and reinstall it. It turns out that it is impossible to delete the data in roaming.

Still, it’s alarming that I can’t delete this data no matter my reason for wanting to.