Brave sets the wrong country as the location

Brave sets the wrong country as the location, and thanks to that I can’t use Brave rewards (I am not from unavailable jurisdiction)
Also, I can’t reset Brave reward because it shows the same answer: that I am from an unavailable jurisdiction. What to do?

@konnake are you in or near a country such as Russia?

Hi, yes I am, from Baltic states

@konnake I am assuming the issue is in your device settings. Can you check Rewards are not available in your area for an example?

Region was right, but Time format was Russian. I changed that and now everything is working.

However, there is a similar problem on Android devices. If phone is in the Russian language then it doesn’t work. If I switch to some other language, setup can be done and everything works, but when I switch back to Russian it just stops working again. Although I am not from Russia.

It’s been a while since I had an Android, but if it’s still working similarly, I think you’re choosing the wrong options.

For example, in the past people had an option between English and English-IN, English-GB, and English-US. The first is the language and the second is your Locale. So in those examples it would be India vs Great Britain vs United States.

It should also do the same for Russian, to let you choose language and country.

Yes, it does work. Changed to Belarussian Russian. Strange that you can change language and it automatically changes Region, at least on Android.

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