Brave sends ads only by the night

Hi, 4 months ago, Brave is only sending me ads from 21 hours til the midnight. Previously, used to send ads during all the day. Has somebody else had the same issue?

I live in South America and my country is listed on the list of countries that receive ads.


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@marcosoyola There is not enough information in your question to be able to help answer. The shortest assumption now is that you might have something that is blocking the notifications. For example on most devices if you have anything on full screen it will not let notifications come through. If you’re on a computer and you use a gaming mouse, that also can send signals to the computer telling it not to send notifications. The same holds true to Windows having focus assist or other similar settings which prevents notifications.

I guess the primary fit that I would ask is which device you’re using? Then I would ask if you’re receiving other types of notifications at that time or if you’re receiving nothing? And lastly is how actively you are using the device prior to 2100 compared to after.

I apologize for a quick and inattentive overall response here but I did just happen to see this is I’m getting ready for bed. I also asked that you excuse any poor grammar or weird sentences that I may have missed, but I am doing this as voice to text and sometimes it messes up. Anyway, I’ll try to check tomorrow to see if you responded with more information or maybe even figured things out in the meanwhile.

Hi @Saoiray , sorry for not replying on time, but unfortunately I had a sickness that took me completly out of the internet. Hopefully, now I’m fine.

I describe you a bit of my environment:

  1. I use a conventional mouse with cable, the same for my keyboard.
  2. I use a LED Tv of 42 inches, so I have multiple windows and Brave is always at the right corner where I always perform many searches.
  3. I work at home, so I’ve Brave turned on more or less 8 hours per day.
  4. I currently have 3 Braves: my personal computer (where I work), my laptop (I use 1 hour per day) and another PC that is located another room, it’s used by my family.
  5. Yes, I receive other type of notifications from other websites, even from online stores and supermarkets.
  6. I’ve not changed the described settings since I installed Brave, which was almost a year ago.

You don’t have to apologize my friend, I really appreciate your prompt reply.


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