Brave seems to freeze up sometimes while hovering over a Netflix video choice

I am not completely sure this has anything to do with Brave, or if its something with Netflix, or what but every time I am on Netflix after hovering over a movie or TV show that has been recommended and plays the short trailer Brave will completely freeze up and need to be shut down, and after it freezes and shuts down (End Task), shortly after my entire computer freezes and I need to force restart it. I am using Windows 10 Build 18363 and Brave version 1.5.112 Chromium 80.0.3987.132 64-bit. It doesn’t happen right away, and never happens when watching a show or movie. It also never happens with any single other site at all, just Netflix.

Hey @Scorpa Can you re-test with Hardware Acceleration disabled in the Brave Settings?

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Yes, I will try now and fill you in on the result.

Ok, so I disabled the Hardware Acceleration option and hovered over around 20 of the videos, but unfortunately it occurred again.

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