Brave Search - videos on platforms like Rumble, Odysee, etc

When will Brave Search start showing more results from platforms like Rumble, Odysee, Bitchute, Gab, etc.?

These platforms are becoming more and more populaire

I have seen video results from sites like dailymotion, vimeo, rumble, odysee etc.

Brave does not have full potential yet for images and videos. Some portion of them are taken from bing. The brave search settings menu itself says around 92% independence.

For eg., search mental outlaw on brave, (dude is popular tech youtuber), see the 3rd result is his odysee channel.
But, the video section of brave search will mostly be different as most/some of those results are taken from bing.

Also, you can add this goggle to get more fine tuned results from odysee, rumble etc