BRAVE SEARCH , THIS button should be hidden

if i select “more about” i dont usually shrink it back using less about option and i think many people will not use that option, it breaks immersion so remove the button and what that button essentially does is what reloading the page also does

If you don’t like it, use adblocker to hide it.
The reason for the button is common sense but it’s all about the UX, you can’t have a button to only show more information and not less, doesn’t matter if you use it or not.
Some people might want to shrink the information, and only because you don’t, doesn’t mean the button shouldn’t be there anyway… the world is not about only one user, but having the correct UX for everyone.

Also, your last sentence doesn’t make sense, reloading a page means the page ‘blinks’, elements get loaded from cache and/or downloaded again and even if it is just few B and kB, it is still information being downloaded again for no reason, also Brave search has to get results again which means API will be contacted again for no reason and you might get a captcha easier, and results might change as well if anything in indexer changed; clicking the less about button will just shrink the panel information without any network usage, blinking or anything.
So no, it is not the same.

To make an adblocking rule for it, well, Brave doesn’t support Procedural Cosmetics like :has-text() which would make it easier, but Chromium supports :has().
Procedural Cosmetics are way slower anyway than native selectors or pseudo classes, in fact, native = better and 100 times faster, so I would advise to use native :has() anyway.

In this case, you can use the icon and its attributes to select the button. Something like: > #attr-show-more:has(.icon-wrapper):has(svg[fill="none"][viewBox="0 0 12 8"])

Maybe doing this, will make you understand how bad it is for UX to hide the button as you suggest, but… why should Brave implement weird stuff if you can just use the adblocker to do it?
Unless Brave changes something, the rule should work for very long time.

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:point_up: Yes this is all correct — it does not make sense to have a button that “shows more” without having a way to undo it. You’ll see this same behavior/design across 99% of sites, apps, games, etc.