Brave Search seems slowing down

Brave Search seems slowing down seems so slow these past few days, it would take a looong load time before it loads the results; and are just fine and seems normal (fast).

My search is very slow also. Not just that, now it never lunches with last session. It also launches minimize to the corner of my screen. I have to go to history to bring up my last session, and maximize the browser every time I launch it. I disabled all addons and reset the browser, yet the problems are still there. I’ve lost sessions a few times now because I mistakenly close it before I open from history. Sucks because I really need to keep my tabs up, so now I have started to bookmark all my tabs each time I close the browser. Browser is a pain in the butt right now. As for the speed issue, mine’s been really bad for about a week and a half. The other issues started a few days later on the 19th.

I have to re-enter the URL before it loads