Brave Search seems High polarized by my last site visited!

What are you doing guys?
Seems that every time I visit a site and after a while I made a research with Brave Search Engine it will show me in the first position the same site I have visited a second before and all related site that have exactly (EXACTLY) the same content as the previous!
This LIMIT my ability to find what I am looking for and put Brave Search in my BLACKLIST because it looks like you are spying on my browsing and search!

For example I have visited for Photoshop then I made a research for Photoshop with Brave Search …AND THE FIRST result was… RAHIM-SOFT.COM!!!
and all the other results were about hacking and cracking Photoshop!! ARE YOU NUTS???

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Might be coincidence. The search index updates regularly, and you saw the same website at first number. I use brave search regularly, but it never indicated that it was ‘spying’ on me by serving me results.

Or it might be due to cookies, cache, web history.

(I might be wrong as I am not well versed in this topic)

yeah… it should be…
like a coincidence that after this post I don’t receive any popup advertise…

Coincidences… explain life, isn’t it?

honestly i think you must have installed extentions or anything samilar to that because its impossible for brave to put trackers because its open source and if they try to put trackers everyone will know and its rep will be low af so must be other thing like extentions or anything else

extension that interfere with Brave Search?? And redirect to similar pages? are you aware of what are you saying?

You might want to pay attention to everything as explained in the browser and all when you first get it. For example, read their page on privacy at

They never say they aren’t tracking or storing information regarding your activity.

Basically they never say they won’t track our activity or searches. Each time you visit a website, that’s being tracked.

What they do says is they try to encrypt and protect places like Google from seeing that information. Yet even then, it’s not 100%.

If you don’t want Brave tracking, you have to turn on Private mode. When you do though, it often gives you a warning/notification to make you aware that there are still entities that can track the sites you visit and everything. Screenshot below.

Any electronic device that you turn on and use is going to track your activity. If you are using a browser that was created by someone else, they will be tracking you. If you use a search engine created by a different company that company will track everything that you search and do and use that to Taylor your search results. They will search for your location and everything as well to dictate what information they show you. Often they then also sell those results to companies allowing them to place particular result higher on the list. At this point in time it does not look like Brave is selling those results like Google does but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen eventually.

Now there is a cash to that and that is brave maybe tracking your information but anonymously and not assigning it to your IP address or browser ID. So it would just be generic information and of course if you just happened to be searching but it just accumulated your prior activity, you would be seeing those results. As more people click on that and happen to search for the things that you did it will become more than more common in the top results. Information showing up top generally is based on user activity as well as your location and many other factors.

Sorry for any typos, I did all of this as speech to text because I was too lazy to try to swipe through on my phone type everything. But it looks like it kind of went through accurately at least

Thank you But… I know it already…
My statement was: if you have a search engine such a highly polarized search engine IT became USELESS

Isn’t it?