Brave Search seems High polarized by my last site visited!

What are you doing guys?
Seems that every time I visit a site and after a while I made a research with Brave Search Engine it will show me in the first position the same site I have visited a second before and all related site that have exactly (EXACTLY) the same content as the previous!
This LIMIT my ability to find what I am looking for and put Brave Search in my BLACKLIST because it looks like you are spying on my browsing and search!

For example I have visited for Photoshop then I made a research for Photoshop with Brave Search …AND THE FIRST result was… RAHIM-SOFT.COM!!!
and all the other results were about hacking and cracking Photoshop!! ARE YOU NUTS???

Might be coincidence. The search index updates regularly, and you saw the same website at first number. I use brave search regularly, but it never indicated that it was ‘spying’ on me by serving me results.

Or it might be due to cookies, cache, web history.

(I might be wrong as I am not well versed in this topic)