Brave search reverse image

Before I get into my feedback, I’ve already responded to the brave search page, by requesting reverse image search.
I’ve thought about going back to the brave search page and adding something to that. Only I think it’s better to post it to communities.brave.
So, firstly, I think people would really like to have brave search reverse image search. As I already responded to brave search, (for example) if I wanna search related images on naked women, then I want brave search to show me related images on naked women, images that I like to see.
Now,, here’s the deal over nudity. There’s no deal over nudity. As in, the law doesn’t restrict nude content. American law (which is why I think Yandex allows anybody to see any picture, as the search engine is based, I believe, in Russia) only restricts ‘mature’ content. According to a dictionary, mature means ‘the act of sex’. Therefore only content featuring actual coitus only needs to have the mature tag added. There’s no other restriction, according to American law, on content featuring actual coitus.
So, as I think brave search is really doing a good UI/UX job, reverse image search will really help completing brave search as a search engine

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I find Reverse Image Search very useful, so would be nice.