Brave Search returns the same garbage as Google

When searching for "alternative " COVID-19 treatments, I get the same results as I do if I search Google. Ivermectin is bad. Hydroxychloroquine is bad. They may be, but that is not my question. There are PLENTY of articles about the POSITVE efficacies of these drugs. You will play HELL finding these articles on your search engine, just like Google. BTW, “Google Fallback” is disabled. I don’t want anything to do with Google. If you are simply a Google wannabe, then I don’t wannabe here.


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Hey why don’t you enable google fallback …google can’t tie that searches to you and this also helps brave search engine to get better index…

As I stated in my opening sentence, if I search google I get the same results. I searched google in a different browser. you won’t find positive articles about Ivermectin. Please don’t reply that there are none, for that would be a lie.

In order for a search engine to return positive articles, you need to have positive articles in the first place.

That’s interesting. Good to know.
I’m part of a medical group and there are plenty of studies and articles.
So far I’m getting these from alternative news sites that have doctors presenting them or from the group I’m in.
If Brave is actually censoring this, this is not okay and I want to know because I am working on a project and using unstoppable domains for it specifically for Brave. Let me know if you find out anything further. Thanks