Brave Search Results Width on Desktop

When Brave Search results are displayed on a desktop browser, the results are formatted as though for a mobile device in portrait mode.

On a monitor at higher resolutions, and certainly on modern wide-screen monitors in which the browser window is fullscreen, formatting search results in a narrow mobile mode wastes a great deal of screen space, shows fewer results at one time, and requires unnecessary scrolling to review search results.

I would like either for Brave Search to 1) recognize when its results are being displayed on a desktop and flow its results across the full width of the browser window, or, if that’s not desirable (maybe because the Brave browser is trying to not to identify itself), 2) provide an optional setting to always format search results in a full-width mode.

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Bump for relevance. Someone has violentmonkey or alike script for this?

changing this fixes issue
max-width of course. Now it looks like that on my 2k:

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Interesting! Is there a procedure showing how to install such snippets?