Brave search results very specific to me?

I am using Brave because I don’t want to be profiled and want unbiased search results.

A few days ago I searched for the term “fork bomb” on my desktop and got good results back. Today I searched for “&” on my cellphone, looking for the history of the character, but instead the top result was a discussion on fork bomb. The second result was the wikipedia page for ampersand (correct result i was looking for)

I am an linux engineer and counted 3 linux related results on the first page. I searched for “&” on Google and DuckDuckGo and neither of them returned any linux related results on the first page.

I searched for “&” on my girlfriend’s laptop and she got the same fork bomb result. She is NOT a linux engineer, knows nothing about linux, and would have never searched for anything related to linux, although she does work in IT. She is running Chrome on Windows.

I searched for “&” in a private window as well as in a tor private window and the fork bomb result was the top result on both of them.

Additionally, I use a VPN on my cellphone.

Is this just a very coincidental unfortunate result? I have a hard time believing that. Whats the explanation for this result?

& returns the same results for me - fork bomb is highly rated. It sounds like you already found this to be the case by testing on a different device though.