Brave Search limitation to one device made me switch back to Google

I have Brave beta on multiple PCs here. Was using Brave search on one computer as I got the invite 3 days ago. When I turned on one of the other systems the settings were sync’d including the search engine to change to Brave. Yet I could not use the prior invite and when I registered using the same email as the first machine I was put on a waiting list. Brave software system had no ability to allow the 2nd device to use Brave search. The result was that I would not be able to search on the second system unless I disabled syncing of settings or simply revert back to using Google search. I chose the latter.

All you have to do is open the invite email on each device

I tried that and was told that “Your login link may have expired; access expires after 60 minutes and each link can only be used once”. I had Brave resend a new link clicked on it on the 2nd machine and only then was Brave search able to be set up on 2nd computer.

I still find Brave search lacking that I depend on Google search for. Like sport scores where the first result is what I was looking for. There are similar things that Google returns result wise. At times Brave results seem to be returned a lot slower. No idea if there is a bandwidth issue due to usage or what is going on. I have a 500/500 internet connection.

@fedup isn’t brave search still in beta phase? – I don’t use it, btw –

Yes Brave search still in Beta.

Wait till it’s out of Beta.

As it is right now I don’t see any benefit to using it - no different from DDG or Presearch.

(I got the invite link but using it as a novelty search engine)

@boppinparty If DDG or Presearch gives you results you can use then I am like you. Brave search does not have anything over them at least for the results. If the results from a search engine are limiting one from getting the desired results then using that search engine is replaced with one that works better. I see nothing that Brave Search returns that is better than existing search engines.

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