Brave search gives wrong weather for my podunk town, even when I put my state in

Description of the issue:

Brave Search gives wrong weather location for Jamestown CO

This plays out in three UX issues:

Background: This sounds like whining, but weather is something that I use a lot - I suspect I’m not alone. I was using google as a search engine, because it’s more relevant to me than DD. For Brave search to gain popularity, common user functions should mimic the most popular search engine when it doesn’t inhibit the privacy mission. I dearly want Brave to succeed, but UX nits could inhibit success.

  1. semi-bug.
    I live in Jamestown CO. For “Jamestown CO” , as the first result, Brave Search serves up weather for Jamestown CA.

  2. In google, I type in “jamestown weather” and it remembers the state CO after the first time I explicitly typed it in.
    For “Jamestown Weather” Brave serves up Jamestown ND. It needs to remember the state.

  3. UX should be as similar to google as possible to enhance familiarity. Brave search serves up from openweather, google serves it from The interface is nicer, and has selectors for temp, wind, and precipitation on the front of it.

Might I have fixed this using a location setting? Perhaps, but that wasn’t needed on my previous search engine. If this is a setting, please LMK how I might correct this. The help didn’t really tell me.

Brave Version (check About Brave):
Version 1.26.67 Chromium: 91.0.4472.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19042.1052]

Thanks for all the development work you do!

Thank you for the excellent and detailed report. I will be passing this on to the search team directly for review.

I am curious – if you enable Google fallback mixing when you search, do you see the correct results?

Why your using light mode. Its 10 am at us and I just got flashbanged.

I enabled google fallback mixing, and manually set my location - no luck, still Jamestown CA as first result when Jamestown CO weather is typed in.

I want to help Brave relegate google to the dustbin of history where AOL is: squirming, half-alive, tormented by modernity, and sucking the anal gland drippings from common Madagascar gibbons whilst paying their student loan debts to Trump University with Betsy DeVos in a tight shiny latex outfit goading them for timely payment, denying the world-computer goodness of ENS (which was predicted on Dr. Bronner’s soap labels years ago), and serving up fish-flavored ice cream rather than salient search results. But I digress.

I beseech the search/browser lads and ladettes to fix this.

If they cannot I’ll torment this board with more florid entreaties employing verbosity and moral suasion as bombastic bludgeons. Now which one of you little rascals hid my meds?

Well put – I think?
I’ve informed search about this behavior and I believe it’s part of a larger issue that the team is working diligently to resolve.