Brave Search FAQ / Reading Materials

Hi! I was fortunate enough to be invited to the test run of Brave Search. I’m suuuuper impressed so far, but I was wondering a couple things:

  • is there any place where I can look at onboarding tips again, such as the tip about : commands? I remember seeing something about like, :google {query} but I can’t find that info again anywhere
  • I noticed that brave search supports !bang commands as well, which is siiick—is there a list anywhere of the bangs supported, and the bangs which have shortcuts (e.g. !a === !amazon, !g === !google)?
  • I thiiiink I remember agreeing to some early access agreement when I activated my Search link—if that’s the case, is there anywhere I can re-read it? I wanna share screenshots of it etc. but not if it violates any terms!

thank you, Brave team <3 <3 <3