Brave Search Engine

I know that sounds crazy for now, but is there any chance Brave will go further than a browser and expand to a Search Engine? I know there are some nice ones like DuckDuckGo or Qwant, but I don’t quite like those for my personal reasons.

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I have prototype code for this… Had a functioning engine to search brave pubs but not any $$$ in it to support the project

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Alex there is a real need for this as we are having our searches manipulated and tracked w/o our permission. If we are to maintain our net freedom we need to have the power to override censors and search. This censoring is now compromising our political speech and access to information and news.

Your request is spot on so if Brave can come up with their own search engine and help other independent non-google/bing/etc search engine providers spring up this would be great.

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I would rather want Brave to continue what it can best: being a browser. Brave is not a search engine. There are many search engines on the market to choose from. Try them and find the one you like best.

My $.02 : (*editted to add the following: (my .1 BAT) *)

I prefer using a third party search engine for my queries.
For fear of history repeating itself; theres already a company (it has a 1, followed by 100 zeros) which started as a search engine, and grew into a monster…

(Again, my opinion only. Off topic, (different yard, but same neighborhood:) I used ddg se way less after their privacy browser was released, for that very reason. …and continue using brave for this reason:
“Do one thing, and do it well.”
-Malcolm Douglas McIlroy )

I still have interest in this, but have -$67 to my name due to a car accident (got hit while stopped).