Brave search engine show strange results in Khmer language

I love Brave and I’m from Cambodia. But brave doesn’t show proper results when I search in Khmer language, it shows results in English instead and I see strange websites, so I had to change the engine to google search engine. I’m afraid google engine doesn’t provide good security as brave engine. but in English, brave engine works just fine.

Hello! I think you would go to: the three lined menu in the top right, Settings, Languages (on the left side), Add Languages, search for Khmer to add.

But you then have to change the “Websites in your languages” and move English down so that Khmer shows on the top. Perhaps you can remove English all together by clicking the three dots on the side.

In addition, the Brave Language settings menu also has an auto-translate. So, you would scroll to the bottom and instead of auto-translating to English you would select Khmer.

Does this work?

Thank you
I moved Khmer to the top and it says “This language is used to display the Brave UI”
But I’m not so sure it works.
It seems to depends on what I search.
If I search ការសិក្សា(means studying in English) it shows strange English language results like, Runic translator - lingoJam… And in the image section it show a lot of flags of many different countries and some anime posters.
But if I search សំរាម(rubbish) it shows good results in Khmer language both all and image section but the Runic translator and the flags will appear if I scroll a little far.