Brave Search displaying old favicon

Description of the issue:
Brave Search is still displaying our old company logo as the favicon in search results. It has been updated for over two weeks by now. The website is

The logo should appear as it does in other search engines that show the favicon.

Thank you!

please assist. Thank you.

@corbinh and @SmartyAadi If you ever feel something is incorrect on search, especially something pertaining to your own company or information, you get this corrected by using the Feedbackimage button that will be visible in search results.

When you click on it, you’ll see something like below:


Search team tries to go through those as they get it. That said, they did advise there are less than 10 people working on the team.

Lastly, keep in mind Search gathered information through Brave Search generally works just through the Web Discovery Project. So a lot of times, it just needs people participating in it to visit your site to be listed or for edits to occur (though not sure how long it takes). That said, definitely use the feedback option on Brave Search.


This is great information, thank you!