Brave Search dark theme needs work

I use dark themes because white web page backgrounds just blast my eyes. The problem, though, with the Brave Search dark theme is that there’s not enough contrast between the text and the background. I don’t find that gray on black is relaxing for my eyes, I find it hard to read. Whoever designed this theme should go and look at a duckduckgo search results page with their dark theme. It’s much more readable without eyestrain due to better contrast between the text and background color.

So I’m back to duckduckgo, even though I’d like to be able to use Brave Search. I’ll look into browser extensions that can boost text contrast with the background, but really feel that I shouldn’t have to use a browser extension to read search results.

Maybe I’m the only person that this is a problem for, though, who knows :-).


Even i put Dark mode on to Brave Search next time i open browser its back to white…so annoying…

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He wasn’t talking about that problem… He has a completely different problem.

And yeah the color contrast isn’t that great and is sometimes hard to read. I would like for them to update it.