Brave search bar widget for Android

I just installed the brave browser and when I applied the brave search bar widget to my home screen it states that the search is through Google? I don’t understand why it’s using Google to do the search in the brave search bar?

When you run a search using the widget, does it return results on Google, or does it just say “Google”? Additionally, is Brave Search set as your default search engine in the browser?

I put the brave as my default browser and when searching it does show up. I actually just noticed another Brave app called Brave browser nightly? Is there a separate app to install the browser?

The bottom screen shot is the only widget for the Brave search bar. And the second screen shot is the result when selecting the widget to my home screen…

So after changing your browsers default search engine everything is working properly?

I wanted to have a Brave search bar on my home screen so I can use it instead of Google to do my searching. The way it is now I’ve got to use the Google search bar and then when it prompts me I can switch to Brave…
I’d like to keep Google out of it if I can?

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The default search is not the same as the search bar widget… if you can see the screen shot you’ll see the search bar widget. I’d like that to be from Brave… not Google…

Can you please tell me the device type and Brave version you’re using?

The Brave Search widget you’re showing in your (second) screenshot should use Brave Search if it’s set as your default search engine in the browser. That is what I see when I add that same widget to my Android device:

If I change my default search engine to Google (or some other search engine), that is what will appear in the search bar.

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