Brave says my uphold verified account is not verified and did not send June rewards

Brave says my June rewards are pending because my uphold verified since 2021 account is not verified and did not send June rewards

@mcarts Only a handful countries can be verified with Brave Rewards now and the rest have been restricted- NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold

Latest list that can be counted on fingers (include some from feet as well)-

So Brave staff should be shamed…
Yes my country was restricted
If you had pay me for all the ads displayed on my browser in June and then you said “game over”, ok, no more ads, no more payments.
But let me displaying ads on my browser for one month, promessing that I would be paid for it, and then, you receive the money from your advertisers, restict my country and don´t pay me, in my country it has a name. It is called scam and is ilegal…

brother this is the only app that is providing free money with no scam. The thing is that they may have some technical or internal issue this time so maybe thats why this month look like rough for brave user. As a brave user i have earned more than 20$ since installed the app and thats enough for me asf i also didnt get bat this month… still i support them giving me this much money just for using app…
Be kind and atleast wait for another month or just uninstall

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If you don´t mind someone promise you that you will be paid for display ads that they were paid from advertisers to show you, and after a month after you displayed thousands of ads in your browser, they decide to restrict your country and take your share for them, you are the kind of guy scammers love to deal…

My country is not restricted and I still didn’t get rewards for the two months. Can someone resolve this?

Yep me too. Seems EVERYONE is unverified. I have yet been able to speak to anybody who has ever earned any BAT.

That didn’t happen. You still earn and keep 100% of your BAT. The only thing that did happen is you aren’t able to link Brave to Gemini or Uphold, which means no converting it to cash. According to Terms, you’re supposed to be using BAT for services with Brave anyway. They are intended to tip content creators and to even hold on for when they do Pay With BAT and all.

But they’ve allowed us to move to exchanges and convert it to cash. So if you’re in a region where you can’t link to Gemini or Uphold, then you just save BAT in your browser for the day you can withdraw it or you tip content creators…which was the intent to begin with.

To clarify what I mean about intent. Brave stops ads with Brave Shields. This strips revenue away from sites. Brave Ads were things we could connect to in order to earn BAT. This put us in charge of where the money went and which sites to support. It wasn’t intended just for people to install browsers and leave running for “free money.” Sure, they expected us to take a portion of it perhaps, but it’s gotten out of hand in peoples attitudes and expectations.

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They are working on that, but nobody knows how long until each country might be added again.

Submit a Support Ticket so someone from Brave can try to look into with you and get it resolved.

As I see, if they said they would they should.
There are many other ways to send bat to an user
Just do it with uphold and gemini for tier 1 and 2 countries is an option. The most profitable, as tier 1 and 2 countries ads pay more.
It is the same that the advertiser say to brave that it is restricted and will not pay the ads after showing for a month.
To pay our share and then say it is over would be ok
Let us displaying ads, expecting to be payed as was promised and after all say, we are sorry but your country is restricted is to act as the scammers use to do…

This not what happened to me. I use brave in two notebooks, and in both the june rewards were processed, but were not send. Neither in the browser I am/was connected to uphold, neither in the browser I wasn’t connect at all. The reward just disapeared.

You have 2 ways.

  1. Through the browser, where it stores and you’re able to use for Brave services as intended
  2. Through an exchange, where you can use as you see fit. This comes with a LOT of legal requirements and limitations, which is not as simple as you think. Not only that, but they have to work our business deals with places to be involved. If you think Uphold and Gemini are allowing users to connect Brave to them and receive BAT for free, you’re out of your mind.

They are paying, exactly as they said they would. You also probably should go back and look at the Terms you agreed to when you installed Brave.


This already was addressed in my comment at Brave says my uphold verified account is not verified and did not send June rewards - #9 by Saoiray

Things can and do go wrong. Any User who submits a Support Ticket always gets it resolved. So go submit a ticket and they’ll get you BAT as long as it was earned and should have paid out.

C´mon man, talk serious…
How many people you do know that do read all the terms of service before install a popular and well rated web browser?
How many users you believe really readed it?
But that is not the point. It has nothing to do with my country been restricted
The real reasons was:
1 - A bearish crypto (eth and btc) market for months made things hard to bat/brave
2 - Tier 1 and 2 countries displayed ads pay much more than the others
3 - Old scammers showed before that make people work for you and after the job is done create a reason to don´t send them the money always worked in this big no law land called internet.
For sure if you restricted and did not pay USA or UK users you would face legal issues. But worldwide is nobody land.
Anything out of this is just a lot of bla bla bla…

I could say I don´t care to no receive 1 or 2 dollars, but if we think about all users worldwide that did not receive 1 or 2 dollar, we will be talking about a very high amount of money

I am and did. I guess this is the last bit I’ll say to you. Maybe one day you’ll grow up and learn how the world works. For now, I get it. You just want to throw a tantrum and make up a lot of lies to try to paint a negative picture of Brave. It is what it is.

As for current market, makes it easier for Brave to pay out. Less money per BAT. That’s opposite of what you’re saying. As to countries unverified, they’ve done all sorts of countries. Even France. So you’re off base there. List goes on. Anyway, have fun…definitely will make sure I don’t waste any more time on you.

I wasted mine displaying ads that I will not be paid for showing on my browser.
It was 1 or 2 dollars, I would not care
But if we talk about all users worldwide that not was paid for 1 or 2 dollars we can say brave saved a huge amount of dollars…
To be growned up means do what you say you will do
And brave did not…

It is amazing
The guys say work for me and you will get paid
You do the job and not get paid
You complain
And the guys say,“you need to grow up”
Well, knowing the brave staff I could understand the brave stuff…

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