Brave say rewards were sent, but nothing on Uphold

Briefly describe your issue:

Brave says that the May rewards were delivered (first time I saw the message was around the 8 of June) but nothing arrived on Uphold. I tried to wait a little bit but still nothing arrived.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? (Menu --> About Brave) v1.52.126

Who is your verified custodian?

Are you in a supported region?
Yes, and it worked every month before

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There are quite a few of us with this problem. You’ll need to put in a support ticket

Thanks. I just made the support ticket.
Do you receive a confirmation of the submission of the support ticket, via email? Thanks

EDIT: I just received the confirmation email, thanks again.
The case number for the ticket is 201151.

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It often helps if you can share the ticket number here, just in case they can squeeze it in between projects or to double check to make sure not getting skipped or missed.

That said, keep in mind that they aren’t active on the weekend. I’d wait until sometime after Monday (maybe wait til Tuesday) to comment here again, that way it brings your post up towards the top and isn’t drowned out with older posts/topics. If nothing else, keeping it fresh during the week will make it visible to me again, at which point can tag people in if needed.

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Bumping it now:

The case number for the ticket is 201151

Btw, Does this “missed rewards delivery thing” happen often? It seems to be common even though it’s the first time it happens to me.

It depends on how you look at it. Brave is routinely flagging (suspending) accounts from people who are violating Terms. Since they delay notices that accounts are flagged, people often don’t find out until they don’t receive their payment. So in that way, yes, it can be common in the grand scheme of things.

In addition, there can be issues with the system that causes delays in payments. There have been times that payments got stuck in a pending state and had to be reactivated to be sent out. You’ll likely see at least one person each month experience an issue like this. Brave has been working on improving systems and it’s much better than it used to be.

Does it happen very often to specific people? Not really. There are some who have very bad luck, such as @lowner who dealt with constantly getting flagged for quite some time (I forget if months or more than a year) before Brave finally was able to get it resolved and pretty much assured them they won’t have any issues again in the future.

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Awesome. I’ll tag in @Evan123 and @SaltyBanana. Keep in mind tickets usually answered in first come, first serve. But at least just lets them track things and is on their radar.

I’ll just say to keep an eye out on your email and be advised can take 3-5 business days for a response. Hopefully yours may be sooner, but at least have mindset to know might have to wait a bit. Promise they’ll get to you though

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Great, Thank You very much for your help :slight_smile:

Thanks. Overall I’ve been using Brave for a few years now and this is the first time it happens to me.
Regarding the suspicious activity the only thing I can think of is using the VPN (not with Brave btw) because I travel. May that cause some issues, eventually? I think I did use VPNs a bit more often in these past 2 months but definitely nothing shady as constant ON/OFF switches and stuff like that.

Thanks again

That’s in a gray area. It’s said by Brave that using a VPN in itself is not something that can get your account flagged or anything. However, it’s also said that using VPN to appear in regions you’re not can contribute to it. This is because ads are served to you based on your IP address. So using VPN to appear in other region has you see ads you shouldn’t be seeing.

So can it contribute? Yes. Do they say it’s enough in itself to get you flagged or cause problems? No. The safest thing to do is to make sure VPN is always for the country you’re in. So if you’re in USA, use a USA VPN. If you’re in India, use India node.

The biggest issue comes from what can seem like abuse. For example, let’s pretend you’re in a place like Turkey (13 campaigns) or Peru (15 campaigns) which tend to have few ads and use VPN to appear as if you’re in the United States (57 campaigns) or Canada (40 campaigns). It can measure as if you’re trying to cheat the system to get more ads, especially if you’re consistently connecting to VPN in those countries for extended periods of time.

Uhm…I basically only connect to the VPN of the country I am from while I am traveling abroad, or the VPN of the country I am in if it’s a public network. Also I definitely do not stay there to actively click on Ads.
I may spend 1h or 2h actively paying attention while commuting every couple of weeks or something like that. I register on the sites of the Ads that show me something I am interested in. So it’d be odd if that was the problem.
I may have had the laptop connected to the VPN while the Mobile phone was not or the other way around and I may have used Brave meanwhile but again it’d be a very scarce use. Definitely not something that I would deem suspicious from an automated control.

On top of all what I just wrote I also think that if how I use Brave would cause problem to regularly get Ads rewards then I’d honestly start to use it less.
I mean, it wouldn’t be nice having headaches with Ads Rewards while actually being honestly active and engaged with the Ads themselves (which I think is a good way of supporting Brave and a win-win for every part involved).

Hopefully you’re only clicking on ads that interest you. They do not pay you for clicking ads and you don’t see any extra.

Keep in mind we haven’t determined you’re flagged. I just answered some of your questions earlier. That said, I’m not sure how to read the sentence you had here. Hopefully you’re saying primarily keep connected to the country you have set. So if you’re from England, you’re using VPN to say you’re in England. If you’re England but then shifting VPN to be in country you travel to, such as USA, then that could be a conflict that at least can contribute to issues.

Again, depends on what people mean. All we have to do is let the ads appear. No interaction necessary. So constantly clicking on ads and trying to maximize them completely, it might be seen as unusual activity and be flagged too. When I say about maximizing, an example is that a while back it was announced that NTP ads would be limited to one ad every 15 minutes. There have been a lot of people who try to open new tabs almost every 15 minutes on the dot to try to get maximum ads.

Biggest thing of all is to remember Brave is about casual use. It’s not supposed to be just to earn Rewards. You use the browser as you normally would and earn whatever you earn. Usually this is what leads to people not having any issues and actually earning higher than usual amounts. It’s people who try hard to maximize earnings that tend to earn less in the end and might even get flagged. Take it for what it is, but that’s my personal advice on it.

Thanks for all your answers,

I am an Italian who works and lives in Ireland for a company that deals with US and Irish entities. I have lived in Thailand for 9 years and still travel to there while working remotely, I’ve been to Vietnam too recently. I also have two citizenships. So it means that I constantly have to log in to my Italian VPN (given that my profile was linked to my ID country) when I casually use Brave in 2 or more continents? If Brave can’t figure out either international campaign pools or tailored ads (I understand this last one would be tricky) and the user must be blamed for it then I guess I would rather watch Google’s Ads, use Chrome and forget it altogether (also given the Sync Chain issues that have been going on since 2021).

Also…let’s say that a company pays to put ads on Brave and they have (totally random number) 100,000 clicks. Of these let’s say 1,000 people Register to their websites (that’s what I usually do when I am interested in a product I see an ad of on Brave) and buy/use the platform. They also put Ads on an other platform, same price, they get 100,000 clicks but they get 1,500 people who register and buy.
Where would that company put their Ads?
Given that here it seems that Brave is trying to punish a user that actually FAIRLY brings sense to the Ads published on the platform, it’s a bit odd from a commercial pov.

I understand that it’s a grey area still, but It should definitely be looked into. I currently know at least 10 people who do not use Brave with Ads or stopped to use Brave because of these issues.
I’ve stopped using Brave once myself because Ads were not showing up anymore and because things were not syncing (the first time I started to use Brave with my other citizenship). I am about to stop once again.

I am disappointed but It will not change my life not using Brave. For sure it’ll be hard to keep suggesting to people to use it since We (me and my friends) all had issues.

Maybe I am not the ideal user for Brave. With a certain Blockchain I currently already get ads rewards on web3 dapps that work fine within Chrome and seem to be global campaigns. All while being fully decentralized. I didn’t have issues since Q3 2022. I guess it’s important for Brave as a whole figure a few things out.

I am writing all of this so other people can use it in the future in case they have similar issues.

Again, thanks for your answers and availability.

There’s a lot more to it and from studies that have been done, Brave actually has higher engagement. I know a lot of people try to think it through and make assumptions, but real world engagement and statistics have shown Brave pulling ahead. So I’d rather focus on what’s “proven” rather than a theoretical discussion.

This is something they are considering and working to improve. But you’re correct in that constant changes in IP address, especially to IP that isn’t in your registered country, can be seen as suspicious and an attempt to cheat Rewards. Again, they look at the average user. And the average person doesn’t constantly travel to different countries on a regular basis.

Not sure if that’s the case. It could be true that with how things are set up, that Rewards may not be tailored for you. But keep in mind Brave is a lot more than just Rewards.

You realize that should be able to work with Brave as well, right?

This was your first topic created with your profile here. So I’m not sure when this happened or if you sought help. Sorry to hear you had issues, but definitely is something could have tried to help you resolve.

Same here, opened a ticket a week ago and have not heard anything yet. Ticket nr is 200510.

On normal month, can take 3-5 business days to respond. With higher than normal amount of tickets right now, it’s a chance to be longer. They are trying to go through and respond to everyone as they can. Big thing is keep an eye out on your email and make sure you’re also checking spam/junk folders.

And since there’s been a lot of comments since the ticket numbers were shared, let me quote them for both of you below. I know I tagged Evan and SaltyBanana earlier. So hopefully they’ll be seeing it. Again though, keep in mind they are busy and helping a lot of people. So patience is going to be the key here.

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Looks like I got the usual Sometimes your Brave Rewards profiles can be “flagged” like everyone else here. Have been using Brave for 3 years and never had any issues up until now.

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