Brave’s Business Model

Hello! I have enjoyed reading about Brave and feel reassured knowing there is another browsing service out there that won’t follow me around everywhere I go.

I was curious, however, what’s Brave’s business model, and how do you pay for your dev and other expenses, like through donations?


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Hello @Ed_switz23

brave pay 70% of ads to user but they keep 30% for them self

check this

and of course people can donate them by BAT

not sure if they get money from other place and have a nice day

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They are currently making money on the ads that willing people enabled to get. Also they make money from purchases in the store. I bet largely ads are what pay for everything.

By default they get the new tab page ad shown by default to people who didn’t change any settings. Then they get all the ad money from that browser instance. I can’t remember if they took money for having Google be the default search engine, but that’s a huge chunk of possible money. There was also investors that got everything going, because the ad model is like catnip to them.

See here about the investors:


Great, thanks for sharing that @justsomeone1, @141!

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you welcome :slight_smile: