Brave Rewrd claimed but not reflect in Uphold

I recently claimed brawe reward from mobile. But it’s not reflecting in uphold account. In Brave reward section of mobile brave browser, It shows 40 BAT in account but in Uphold account it shows only which 11 BAT which i earned from my pc. I am attaching file for reference. please fix this issue.

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Hi @Jatin,
When did you connect your mobile wallet to Uphold? ie the date

Hi @Aa-ron
4th August 2020…

I believe that the wallets must be linked before the 1st of the month to receive the payment, otherwise you have to wait for them to be credited the following month.

anyway we wait to see what Aa-ron says

I have the same problem, in my mobile browser in shows 32. 634 BAT, but in my uphold account it shows just 6.884 BAT.
I connected and verified to uphold account in the last week of July, but still waiting for my BAT to reflect entirely in it.

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