Brave Rewards(zeb pay)

Why the zebpay payment is very slow when will the rewards are created.
How long it will take to credit the rewards for zebpay users

yea , i am annoyed with this issue also , i don’t know why the payments in the zebpay accounts are so slow.

Because it’s a new integration. Back when Uphold or Gemini were first added, it took several months (if not more than a year) before things smoothed out and started arriving quickly.

Usually up to 2 weeks, give or take a week.

Hello Sir, as per “payout status December 2023 payout”
It is showing - User connected to Zebpay: Payments complete.
But I have not even received single BAT reward.
Where as all rewards gerenerated by me from adds got deducted of November month


Previously same issues raised to me some other guys told me that create a ticket and make a complaint.
Until now,me too don’t know how to create a ticket.
In this case I’m help less :face_holding_back_tears::face_with_head_bandage:
May be it will take a week time.
I too don’t know exactly.

@VivekParmar @Sridhar123 Rewards Support Ticket at

It’s most probably because your rewards profile maybe flagged.

It ha been flagged why? I am using my Zebpay for Indian users

Did you do anything to get more ads?

No idea. They wont reveal the reason.

Its auto generated. I dont think we can do something to get more ads

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Ya we can’t do anything,
Only I am using mobile phones parents and relatives using brave browser for me. Only

There is no proper clarity hence nothing can be done.

Yes, you can. For example, I discuss at How can I see more ads? and What types of ads are there?.

The abuse from people generally comes from three places that I’m aware of:

  • Using VPN to view ads from other countries

  • Using automation or setting timers to try to open Brave News and/or New Tab Page to generate ads.

  • Creating a farm. What I mean by this is like using and connecting 20-50+ devices and trying to earn from it. Often this gets combined with above steps all to try to earn large amounts of BAT.

I know there’s more they look at, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you what it is. The above three are just things that have been mentioned over time repetitively by users and sometimes by people at Brave, which is the only reason I list them.

I used to not do any of the above-mentioned cheats. Neither have I done any other hacks. I was using it like a regular browser. I enjoy playing on GeForce Now and to use it, I used to use a VPN. I have a free tier on GFN and the wait time is a lot. Hence, until the game started I had to be connected to the VPN and had no other choice. Also, when I select my ads region as India, only Indian ads need to be shown to me. Many use VPNs for privacy purposes and hence the issue must be resolved soon so that others don’t face similar issues. Flagging profiles doesn’t help, but blocking the loopholes plays a crucial role for you as well as for us common users.

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If someone see an ad in brave news at the same time every day by opening new tab,will they be flagged?

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Raised the tickert but no response came,
Can u tell me how many devices I can connect with my Zebpay account,?
2nd this month all my rewards I know I am not getting for sure, as this month rewards already distributed., will I get now next month rewards?
3rd how to know my profile is flagged? as everything is ok, my Zebpay account is connected to my brave. Brave browser installed on my devices and my relatives brother sister’s wife children.
4th what can be done, so next time I will not face the issue

When? I know my response to you was just 1 day ago. If you expected a response within 1 day, you have the wrong expectations. It generally takes a minimum of 3-5 business days. When I say business days, it means you can’t count weekends or American holidays. And of course, response to you is here on the weekend. So if you really did put in the ticket after my reply, then they haven’t even had a chance to see your ticket yet…

What was your ticket number? Thanks!

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