Brave Rewards wallets -Cant connect a new browser

Briefly describe your issue:

I changed my pc, I erased and disconnected my wallet before uninstall all.
Am Trying to connect a new pc/browser but I cant; it says i have reach the limit.
So, am trying to find where I can see all the browser connected and …well disconnect those to let me connect the actual one.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using (Menu --> About Brave)?
Versión 1.36.111 Chromium: 99.0.4844.51 (Build oficial) (64 bits)

Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no) Yes

What date did you verify your wallet? 12/16/2021

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past? YES

Are you using a VPN? (yes/no) NO

Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)? YES

Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)? – Am using Wins

@jnicaragua Hi and welcome to the community.

There isn’t currently a place for users to see all their connected devices. Brave is planning to remove the device limit so the current 4 slot lifetime limit problems will go away. In the meantime, you can submit a wallet unlinking request to open up a slot. Just follow the instructions in the link below. It may take several weeks just try to be patient. :slightly_smiling_face:

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