Brave Rewards Vanished after Clicking Claim

Hello, how do I collect brave rewards that vanished for the month of May after clicking the “Claim” button?

Hi @yogirama - what OS and Brave version? Can you share a screenshot of your rewards panel?


Here are the SCREENSHOTS your requested:

I had this issue as well, lost all my previous rewards when I clicked claim for May rewards on my android. Lost around 150 BAT

Thanks @yogirama - what OS and Brave version are you using?

Hi Steven,

I am using Windows 10 and Brave Version 1.9.80. Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks


I hope they fix the problem soon. Steeven, one of the support reps, is trying to help me recover the post BAT. Maybe he can help you too?

Yes thank you, I have been in touch with @steeven, I sent him some info he asked for and am awaiting his response. I use Brave all the time and hope this can be resolved

Same happend to me
And sent a dm to @steeven
but still no replay from him

Hi @yogirama - can you please DM me your rewards internals. Thank you!

Hello @steeven
Please check ur DM

I have a problem with my rewards from my laptop .
My ads appear and when I arrive at 0.5 bat my rewaelrds are reseting yo 0 .

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