Brave Rewards / Uphold - Missing ballance since November 2019. - Any Support?

Maybe not a good moment to ask for answers with all this bugs lately but my problem started way back…

Third time trying to get any response from support about rewards that start missing from December 2019…

My Brave Rewards and Uphold account are showing completely different numbers and the payment date on “statements” is not showing for the last 7 of 10 transactions.
[have screenshots to send to support but would preffere no not post them here].

The last regularly (monthly) payment received was on October 2019.

My browser is showing 54.2 BAT in browser, but the Uphold connected card says 3.7 BAT.
My android browser is missing Brave Ad Rewards (that’s a hot topic right now).

I’m in for a long time with Brave and would really love to se things sorted out and bugs ironed with time… I got a lot of patience but also the third time contacting support with NO feedback from anyone is not reassuring.

Can I get some “official” answers?
Thank you!

They are lazy and this seems to be happening to many people.

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