Brave Rewards - unsupported country for Brave Creators with Uphold,

What if it is NEVER supported again?
They will take it all, right? Theft, nothing else.

What truth? Did you read what I wrote? Read again, if they don’t pay out means they are stealing.

I’m not sure about that. Told you already. Also I guess better to talk to a Brave official.
Also if you could specify your region I might be able to say if there’s chance of support

The truth is about the rewards program Being f never seen before, never implemented earlier.

This is not new thing. I have been their publisher for years.

People from India have creator accounts (including me) . We’re in an unsupported region as well. Im not cribbing, am I?
Stop acting like a child. Eventually your region will get supported some or the other day.

What region are you in?

Who says it will get supported? I am asking what happens if they never support it? They take my money, right? If you don’t know then don’t answer…

They are working on getting some Web 3 Support (or something similar, I really can’t recollect at the moment) for creators. That will allow you to directly deposit BAT into your Ethereum Id. Not sure if region unsupported will affect that but I think it wont since you directly transfer to Eth Id

That would be good. Strange that they complicated with Uphold in first place.

@maxitrol I sent you a message when I flagged you for being off-topic. I’ll say the same thing here. Create your own topic! We don’t need people like you hijacking other people’s topics, especially after they have marked it solved.

Your complaints and issues, while related to the idea of being Creators, does not have to do with what the OP asked or discussed.

@Mattches sorry to bother, but mind locking this topic?

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